Texas Hold Em: What is the key to Victory?

United States
October 18, 2010 2:17pm CST
I have been playing the game for about seven years now. Though I believe I have gotten a little better now than before, I still believe that luck outweighs skill by 75%. One hardly ever sees a so called Poker Pro win constantly. They say they can read people but not when you are playing online. In fact, its almost impossible to read peoplle online because hands are dealt rather quickly. You may see almost twice as many hands online in an hours time than you would actually sitting at the table. So you tell me, whats the key to victory?
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• United States
10 Nov 10
The main key to victory is patience. Don't feel like you have to be in every hand. And don't get discouraged by a few bad beats - they are going to happen. If you are looking for a true game of poker, make sure your entry fee is high enough. If you're playing freerolls or $1 tourneys, you're going to see suckouts everywhere and you just can't bluff (you can't bluff someone who doesn't know they should fold). Play tourneys with at least a $10 entry ($25 preferred) and you will start to be able to play real poker without worrying that every donkey called your raise with 2-7 offsuit. Good luck at the tables.
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11 Nov 10
Yeah, I often wondered if donkeys would be playing at that high level of a table. I guess I should play at least a $25 minimal table. But rest assured, there will be donkeys with plenty of money to throw around at any leve of poker. But maybe I should play less tourneys but with higher stakes. That may do the trick. Thanks buddy.
@loca83 (89)
• Australia
13 Nov 10
tilt has alot and i mean alot of donkeys on low tables but many good players play the low tables to win easy cash at pokercurse.com theres an ebook that teaches you the good and bad cards to play.
• United States
16 Nov 10
Well, I know what premium hands to play and fold, but on low tables you can pretty much bank on donkeys playing any two cards. Why? Because the money is low and they are just want to get that quick hit to win a little money.