Sidewalk stains....

United States
October 18, 2010 3:15pm CST
What is the best way to go about getting stains of of my side walk, lately I been using bleach and a scrub brush but that takes FOREVER. Anyone have any other Ideas?
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• Belgium
18 Oct 10
Javel is a product I often use for removing all kinds of stains. You should be able to get it in a supermarket like Aldi. Javel can often be mixed with other cleaning agents to provide a lasting effect. Let me know how it works out for you.
18 Oct 10
I don't know in which country you live in so I don't know if you can buy a cleaning acid from your local DIY stores. If you can it is very good at cleaning up stains and cement stains etc, but you do have to be very careful with it. Wear gloves and a mask because it can be very dangerous.