have you fun palying tennis?why?

October 18, 2010 7:42pm CST
for me, yes, because i've fun to play tennis... because we play evry nigth ...and have it fun for play....
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@MegiMK (266)
• Canada
27 Dec 10
I absolutely love playing tennis, I take lesson plus play different leagues at my summer tennis club. I love the game as it allows you to be creative with your shot selection and keeps you thinking all the time. Also, it's a great cardio workout that's way more interesting than running on a treadmill as you chase down the ball without even thinking about all the running that you're doing in the process.
@angeline1 (146)
9 Dec 10
I played tennis during my high school days.But lately,I haven't playing tennis because I don't have a partner or people to play with.Maybe I forgot how to play tennis.It is fun to play.I'm a fan of Tennis.I always watched those us open, wimbledon and other tennis tournaments abroad.
21 Oct 10
I enjoyed playing tennis at school, I haven't since then. It was always funny for me when I hit the ball and it hit someone, although I also hated it I couldn't help but laugh. Tennis is one of those games that pretty much anyone can play if hey set their minds too it. (one reason why it's not a bad sport to play)