settleng down

@anneish (117)
October 19, 2010 12:49am CST
what age would you set for your self to settle down?.... for me i set it, when i reach 30's,...i think this time I'm already ready for a big responsibilities like having a family of my own... how bout you, what do you think?... happy mylotting!
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24 Oct 10
Well it depends on the individual person as everyone is ready at different times of their life due to work and studying aswell as if they've found the person they would like to settle down with and they feel the same. I settled down when i was 16 myself as i found the girlfriend i wanted to live with and start a family as she felt the same, we do now have 2 young children and i am 23 now and we are married.
@anneish (117)
• Philippines
26 Oct 10
that's good to hear! although i must say that you got married in such an early age.but as you said it is defend on the person on how they felt about this matter. and i can say that you are happy about the decision you made so there's no problem about it... hope that your family will be happy all the time and may God bless you always!... tnx and happy mylotting!