Does student life mean only study and no fun?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
October 19, 2010 4:12am CST
As we all know student life is fabulous to all of us. It is the time when we are free in a way, on the other hand we are little bit bound. Is student life is all about study to create a bright future ahead or fun should be allowed as well to free from boredom of study?
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@Rhazelle (356)
• Canada
19 Oct 10
Of course you should have fun in school, that's what school's about! As long as you keep up with your homework and do your studying, school is relaxing and fun, a great way to meet friends, and also helps you in your future.
19 Nov 10
my answer is very big yes . be high school life is very funny & enjoyment time . ha make friends and enjoy each other . I know is time very inpoten discretion & disition in my life . but in is time enjoy our life . what do you think so my friend?
@Kapoios1 (84)
• Greece
7 Dec 10
@Kapoios1 (84)
• Greece
7 Dec 10
As Periklis once said: Education is to broaden one's mind, but it is just another part of our life. If it oversdows our life it is just another obstacle.
• Singapore
20 Oct 10
Well, while education is important, it is no longer sufficient in today's global competitive world. Students not only have to compete by their traditional academic achievements, but also by their soft interpersonal skills. Skills such as time management, conflict resolution, being a team player and maturity dont come from textbooks;they have to be acquired through social interaction and applied during these interactions. Have you seen some graduates who are non personable despite having a perfect gpa of 4.0? Thats low eq at work for you. So i think it is important to have fun while being serious in your studies because while studies prepare you for hardware, your friends will prepare you for heartware. Good luck.
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
19 Oct 10
Hi dear, Life should be a mix of all. Also, they should not be separated as students and so that they should keep away from all fun and fun life. They also should enjoy the life just like others. I strongly argue that students should get all freedom that others enjoy. They should not treated as separate. This is a comment for students and others also. But as being a student, they have certain inbuilt responsibilities. Their main intention is to study and all others (fund and entertainments) can be given least priorities. But it should be alongwith them. But as a student, they should balance all activities with a ratio of 80:20 or 75:25 for their better future. It is all depend on the students wish and desire only. A smart and understanding student will definitely would be aware of the importance of studies and they will automatically cut off from all other extra activities which are not necessarily needed. If a proper time table is prepared for studies and other things, no doubt, they will easily find enough time for all. But it should do systematically and implement so wisely. This is a time of competition and not just competition, a tough completion is happening around. What we can tell the students is that make them understand about the value of study and why they need to do in the specified time. Once the time is move out, there is no point in telling. The students themselves understand the facts and we should help them to learn through our experiences. First of all, they should responsible and we make them to aware of it. Give values to students what they really deserve. Allow them all kind of things, at the same time, we should remind them about their duties. Understanding is the main factor. The students themselves have an inferiority complex that they are ignored and just treat them as slaves in many schools. “All are scholars, and they are dumb and just followers”, this is a comment by a student recently I could heard from one boys mouth. What inspired them to tell in such a way. The system of education that we have. Improve the mind set of teachers and others. They will become more smart and efficient than how they are now. Give them freedom, they will become open citizens of tomorrow, instead of become psychic creatures. Regards, Thank-s
• United States
19 Oct 10
My answer to this is one big fat NO. One of the realities that students and their parents have to face is that good grades don't really guarantee a good paying job after graduation. A lot of schools and universities around the world provide opportunities for students to pursue interests by setting up things like the school paper or the school orchestra, or the now popular glee club :P Getting an education is important, but not everything about education is studying. Getting an education is also about developing yourself in all aspects of life be it at work or at play.
@fey008 (295)
• Indonesia
19 Oct 10
Yes ..........! if students are just lean and mean and learn and learn, sure students will feel bored or tired, at least indication of entertainment for students to feel not saturated .......,