Tamil movie ROBOT (Enthiran) is really brilliant

October 19, 2010 10:49am CST
Have you watched the tamil movie ROBOT (Enthiran) which is really a brilliant movie in Indian cinema. It is a great hit in India and hope everybody would have seen it. Have you?
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• India
19 Oct 10
Hello, I will be perfectly honest with you here. I love Tamil movies because they are far from practical. I've rarely seen instances where the hero kicks the villain and the villain, like a football, gets stuck in a tree. I watch Tamil movies when I am totally bored. They are good ways to escape from reality. Sometimes a Tamil hero lands a punch on the bad guy's face and the bad guy starts spinning like a top. After 4-5 spins he finally takes the ground. That's so amazing. Even some heroes are so funny. They can't do anything in normal way. They spin everything in their hands, even sunglasses. Though all these buffoonery sometimes exceeds all the limit of sanity, I really love these acts, as they momentary help you to escape an otherwise prosaic life. Thanks. God bless you.
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