October 20, 2010 7:43am CST
what should i do when I have a headache?
4 responses
@hushi22 (4940)
20 Oct 10
just take an aspirin or use ointments to make you feel better.
• Cambodia
24 Oct 10
Did it good that just take medicine without having council from doctor.
• Philippines
17 Dec 10
Me when I have my headache I take a rest first or if not I take mefanamic acid If I can't take longer of the pain. So try to take a rest or consult your doctor if ache is more often,
@silvercoin (2101)
• Lithuania
20 Oct 10
When I have a headache, I turn my computer off, open the window and let some fresh air in.Then lay in my bed for some time.When I'm not at home, I get me a glass of cold water and do a little finger massage.It works only when I'm tired or stressed.There can be other causes for a headache like fever or high blood pressure,the best thing is to figure out what causes you headaches.
@toniganzon (51780)
• Philippines
20 Oct 10
Never take a painkiller immediately. If you get dependent you will need a higher dosage of it to cure your pain. Generally, there could be many causes for a headache, it could be due to stress, eye strain or eye problem, cold, flu, etc. If your headache is because of stress, just relax listen to a dripping water like a fountain or you can just turn on your shower or run a bath. You can also try to take a bath in a warm water and allow the water to flow so that you can listen to it. The sound of water is the most relaxing sound and it can release all the stress in your body. Drink plenty of water because the oxygen might help relieve the pain. Or better yet, you can just sleep if you can still endure the pain.