Mayan Prophecy of 12-12-2012 postponed?

October 20, 2010 2:21pm CST
Good day to everyone! I have read a news on which the Mayan Prophecy was wrong in predicting the end of the world. It maybe a good news and a bad news to us. Good news in the sense that It will not happen on 12-12-2012. But the bad news is that, We will not know when will happen or maybe it had already happened. If you believe in this prophecy, its up to you on how you will respond to this discussion. But if i were to tell, only God knows when he will end our planet. Maybe some of the prophecies became true maybe because of not guessing it instead, They are analyzing the phenomenon and the status of the planet and by calculating years that is why they can predict happenings that will occur. If i were to tell something about the news, no matter when the earth or the world will end, we must always prepare ourselves because we don't know when will God end our planet. There are many people who believe and not believe the prophecies.
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