How often do you clean your room?

October 20, 2010 3:34pm CST
Sometimes, I am getting annoyed and felt lazy if I always clean my room because I know that everyday, I always rumble it again and miss it out. So, I better clean my room every weekend. I didn't even try to fix my bed after sleeping.How about you?
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• United States
21 Oct 10
My bed never needs making up. i sleep on top of the blankets with a comforter over me. I justwake up and fold the blanket t put at the foot of my bed. I don't do anything in my room but,change clothes and sleep. So,there for I don't have anything to clean up.
• Philippines
24 Oct 10
You lived with simple gift. You didn't wipe the mirror, the window of either the dust in your room? The toilet etc. Well, thanks for sharing your comments with us and have a nice day ahead Godbless
• United States
25 Oct 10
There is no mirror in my room,not even a toilet. You must live good to have all these things. Poor me.
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
23 Nov 10
Hi, For sure, I clean my room everyday, I even clean the whole house 's floor everyday, I just can't stand of the dusts on the floor. So every morning, I will either sweep or mop the floor of whole house. As for my bedroom, I have to tidy up my bed once I wake up in the morning,then open up the window for fresh air circulation. I will also tidy up my cabinet, arrange my clothes and sometimes will wipe clean the cabinet as some dusts might has trapped inside too.
@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
21 Oct 10
My husband and I don't have our own place yet so we're just responsible for cleaning our room and bathroom, and the kitchen on trash day. Of course we're also responsible for doing the dishes. He works but I only work online. I have a schedule for when to do what chore but I don't really follow that schedule. Our room never really gets messy. The most is the clothes on the floor, drink bottles we need to throw away, and dusting. Dusting is the most important, our room is small and can get stuffy so we need to dust. We had a lot knick knacks but we put those away for our own place, so now it's just dusting around our video games and movies.