Does happiness come from keeping our near & dear ones happy?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
October 21, 2010 1:56am CST
We always want to be happy. No one in this world want to be sad. Happiness come in our life in many ways. Sometimes we feel very happy when our dear ones are happy. **Many times we have seen that we have to do some work against our ethics, to make our near and dear ones happy. **It is found that in our sad moments if some good news come from our dear ones, we feel happy and forget our sorrow. Here lies my query - does happiness come from the happiness of our near and dear one? have you been through such situation? share with me!
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• Philippines
22 Oct 10
I agree,... a little happiness burst out from the deep of our hearts even when we are encountering downfall when we find our loveones happy..
@thanks1961 (7046)
• India
21 Oct 10
Hi dear, Of course, our near and dear ones are the main source of happiness. For me, it is 100% true and it the main source of my happiness. Apart from we have various source to be happy. But while spending time with them is an experience which cannot be explained. That even you know, how it can be. I am a person from a family, not much of relatives. But, all those who are having for me are in good contact and in a good relationship. Even the immediate family members and others are good with me and they too enjoy the time spending with me as well. After a day’s full work and all, once we step into our home, and being some time with them is the actual life we have and those time cannot be match with any other relationship and I think there we lives our life in its fullest meaning. Regards, Thank-s
@jennyze (7048)
• Indonesia
21 Oct 10
Happiness comes from many things. But you are right that the most things that made us happy is coming from the near and dear ones. But I also find happiness just by writing back to the Mylot members here.