Filipinos helping and supporting other Filipinos!

October 21, 2010 4:21am CST
It just amazes me that my fellow Filipino people who are located in Singapore working there are so warm and wants to welcome me with open arms when I will go there to that country. They would be more than happy to help me out if I will be there. I just met these people online. I know I also have to be weary. But these people as well are also the common friends of my friends too. It's just that my friends there won't be able to accommodate me there because their families are already living there with them. They just introduced me to these people and they will be welcoming me there with open arms. Filipinos are naturally friendly and helpful people. Like me if I can also be able to help anyone then I am open for that as long as I can really do it and it will not take much of my time because me too I also needed some help for now. I just love the idea that our culture and traditional trait is not yet being tainted. I cannot generalize things out here but then according to every experience I had, it is still visible nowadays. I am proud being a Filipino.
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@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
21 Oct 10
it is true. i am happy for you that you found such a beautiful and kind family. i am also amazed how filipinos simply open their doors and arms to fellow filipinos. particularly if they know that their "kababayan" is in need of assistance. we have a saying in the philippines, who else will help each other, but us. i guess it is better said in tagalog. anyway, i hope you enjoy your stay in singapore. it is a lovely city.
• Philippines
23 Oct 10
Yes it is absolutely true. But there is also a one thing that is not nice if the filipinos are abroad. This is the crab mentality. Anyway, it doesn't really concern everyone with this. If the person I have helped before or even the person i only know is being successful then I am just proud of that person. Thank you so much for the nice post. I hope I will be able to enjoy there. Have a great weekend.
• United Arab Emirates
21 Oct 10
Filipinos are naturally warm, gentle & hospitable. Maybe because part of our history is being colonized by other contries thus we learn how to mingle and be more hospitable. I guess we should continue to do this so that the next generation would do it also and let us forget and abolish the so called "crab mentality" and focus our energy on helping one another..We are a Christian nation so let's promote & lived by it. God bless us all!