Time travel

United Arab Emirates
October 21, 2010 6:30am CST
In your opinion, Is time travel possible? And what would you do if you were given a chance to alter the past?
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@iamjtsjl (41)
• India
21 Oct 10
Yes the time travel is possible. According to Einstein's theory when we built a machine that fly's faster than speed of the sound it is possible for time travel. But it travels only to the future not the past. if i given a chance to go to past and alter anything, may be i have given advice to Adam not to eat the fruit at any cost, coz that sin was the mother of all problems wat we are experincing now..
• United Arab Emirates
21 Oct 10
Even we can build a time machine, we can only travel to the future..if we are in the future, how can we return to our time? How Ironic. Yes your right, if adam haven't eaten that fruit, I guess we will still be in paradise and not have known the internet. The good thing about God is that He gave us a way to go back to paradise. John 3:16 says..
• India
22 Oct 10
I want to make a correction here, that is, it is not spped of sound but it is speed of light, sorry for that. thats true, you cannot make it to ur time when u gone to future.