what is youfavorite website that you want to stay

October 21, 2010 7:39am CST
my lot is becoming more and more popular due to the reason that we can exchange ideas and views and share with others. So i like mylot now. I like to tell my own things in the heart and show them to you.for me, mylot is my favorite website in english of course I also like to read the news in my native language. Tell me why you stay here and whtat your favorite site is ?
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@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
21 Oct 10
I am a new comer to mylot.com. But within this very short span, I have become addicted to this site. Everyday I spend some time with this site. I think the various types of discussions which are very simple in language and where an ordinary man with a common sense can take part, have made it so interesting and attractive to me.
@ellyse2003 (1465)
• Philippines
21 Oct 10
When I wake up in the morning I always open mylot, this site is my number favorite where I can post what I like and talk to other people from different countries.
@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
21 Oct 10
I definitely have no time to hang on the net. My facebook profile stays neglected for days. MyLot is the first interesting place for me. I don't write this out of courtesy. It's good that there are so different people here. I have the impression that I make a long journey and I feel comfortable.
@obitwo (350)
• Denmark
21 Oct 10
I just started using myLot again after a 3 years break from the website. I have to admit that it is rather addicting (in the good way). My favorite site is a gaming forum regarding the game called Silkroad Online. I spend a lot of time on there. Youtube, of course, is a great time killer too. myLot was once my most visited website but it is not right now (as I JUST came back from my big break). However, I'm sure that in the future I'll start using myLot more and more again as I find it rather interesting to discuss with people on here.
@samafayla33 (1857)
• United States
21 Oct 10
i heart love winster, mylot, aim.com, facebook, farmville, sidetick,mypage5 and there's too many to love! associatedcontent.com
• United States
21 Oct 10
I visit mylot more than any other site online. But,I love being on ebay when I am shopping. I stay finding great deals and with free shipping too. Mylot is the best for me right now.