Healthy Life

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October 21, 2010 10:42am CST
Healthy life style involves keeping a balanced diet,living a routine life,and undertaking regular physical exercises. A balanced diet means eating a means eating a variety of foods and allowing for an adequate intake of them every day.Living a routine life refers to getting up and going to bed at a fixed time,and maintaining 8——hour sleep each day.Doing physical exercises regularly is also the key to staying healthy.Choose a syitable type of exercise depending on your own interests and physical conditions and keep to it. Unhealthy life includes smoking,drinking and overeating.Smoking would cause bronchitis and lung cancer.According to a recent survey,four million people die each year from diseases linked to smoking.Drinking would resule in health and social problems.Drunk drincing is a deadly hazard both to the person himeslf and to ther health—related diseases. It has been an undisputable fact that good life style will make people healthy,and bad one will result in many diseases.To keep fit,we should develop good living habits,i.e.,eating a balanced diet,living a routine life,and doing physical exercises regularly.
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21 Oct 10
good point highlighted on this topic. so far i am trying my best to keep healthy and fit.
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22 Oct 10