Big Joke

@epicure35 (2822)
United States
October 21, 2010 12:49pm CST
Or How Al Franken (Ugh!) got to be senator... A Washington Post article, 7-21-2009, in a Chris Cillizza column of news and political analysis, THE FIX, gives some details... Marc Elias, Democratic Election Attorney with PERKINS-COIE, was "on the ground running" before the Repub. lawyer....By the time he got wind of it, it was already too late. Then, too, Franken could count on drillions of dollars from his Hollywood buddies. So, again, folks, elections can be easily bought by some. Be wary, because this is no joke. Note the law firm of PERKINS-COIE, one of two firms engaged in the covering up of Obama's vital records at taxpayer expense. Robert Bauer, Obama buddy, now House Counsel after wife Anita (I love Mao)Dunn left. Small world? How's this: PERKINS-COIE installed one of its own as the law clerk of Judge David Carter, CA, after Carter had agreed to hear the Obama eligibility case on its merits. Suddenly in comes PERKINS-COIE's installation (can you say "conflict of interest" is a euphemism) and suddenly the case is not heard. Threats, intimidation, manipulation, crime,mmmmmm. And so it goes. And it's not even that hard to connect the dots, but still no one will speak or "hear" the truth of the enemy within. And we the people pay, and pay, and may even pay with prices more dear than the money they extract - freedom, even lives, as the jihad continues. Who knows what Soros, Obama, et al (could that include Perkins Coie) have in mind for this election?
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