Distance produces besutiful?

@slp423 (48)
October 22, 2010 5:55am CST
I left my boyfriend in very remote areas the army.Every day,we can only rely the phone call.I don't know whether i would be so hard for him.After all,we are not in the same place to live,So sometimes,especially think is very sad.This time i have an idea,distance produces besutiful?But the answer is correct,because memary in a short time is a good thing,but with pain.He is a soldir This will undoubtedly bring us only the distance,i have a holiday,he is not empty,his vacation.i have to go to work,therfore,we can only see several a year.Sad!!!! However,he will retire next year.This is worth celebrating.Come on,i will be strong to wait for his return.
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