If it says, can not display webpage, does it mean the server is down?

October 22, 2010 6:44am CST
I wasn't able to get into techdoctordeals today because of that, I'm just wondering if there is something I should do or are others experiencing this too? I don't wanna miss a single day in TDD as much as I don't wanna miss a day of myLot too!
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@few00cent (2143)
• India
3 Nov 10
No,that doesn't always mean site is down..you get such error when your ISP or server doesn't response..sometimes our IP get filter to the server and doesn't give response causing page error.there are several reason..if server is too busy replying to request..we get time out which cause the error..you can retry by refreshing your browser page.other reason when site is really down..you can check it by giving ping to the site address.
@Zaphan (711)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
yeah you can do this ping session by going to the start run type in CMD and a black box will appear, type ping www.(your site domain).com -t10 the t refers to times of pinging t10 means you will ping the site 10 times to see if it replies, many request time out appear your connection is not good, without request time out means good connection with the server.