very low exchange rate

October 22, 2010 10:40pm CST
i am earning online. it is not much but it takes a lot of effort. i am just happy that i have extra income. at least, i don't have idle time. i don't play games. i use my time to earn even if it's just a few cents or a few dollars. i am already happy to earn $2 for a ghost writing job of 150-200 words. i am already satisfied. at least i am earning. but now, the exchange rate is getting very low. i am not from the united states but i am earning in dollar. i would just be happy if the exchange rate is low as long the peso is getting stronger. but i think that is not the case. it is just the dollar weakening. so it is a sad story. anyway. i am still continuing to work. the exchange rate is not something that i can control. but i could still keep on earning, right? hehe today, a friend of mine with whom i am doing ghost writing for paid me $22 for 11 jobs within 14 days. not bad huh? i mean, it is a very easy job for me because i am a writer by profession and these personal entries are very easy for me. and i earn without leaving the room. so i still get to take care of my baby! this is a good way to earn! :-D
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@ericytac (83)
• Philippines
23 Oct 10
Wow.. good for you.. I always wanted to earn from writing but, it's difficult for me to write. I don't have enough knowledge in writing. I have difficulty in formulating words. Now, I am I am improving my English, thanks to mylot. It serves as my practice ground in speaking English straight. Maybe time will come and I can write article straight in English. I hope that time will come.