Sabah teacher faces 2 charges of r@pe

By Leo
@d_e_v81 (361)
October 23, 2010 12:50am CST
A teacher from Sabah,Malaysia, is facing 2 charges of r@pe. got me thinking on the complexities of the human emotions and how it interacts witrh the laws of thee society. According to reports, the girl was a willing participant and the incident happened in the science lab. it seems she had a crush on him. But it is still considered as r@pe because she is underaged. News leaked theough the grapevine via gossip among the students before reaching the headmistress' years who subsequently conducted an investigation.
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23 Oct 10
It is not r@pe if someone is a willing participant. If someone chose to do it and have the power to say no then it is not r@pe. The law does consider it statutory r@pe. If a child has the right to say no, why can't they have the right to say yes? Is denying someone something the same as forcing them to do something?