Do you know The Winter Olympics?

@slp423 (48)
October 23, 2010 5:42am CST
The Winter Olympics is also called the White Olympices.At this time,many colorful stamps are published to mark the great Games.The first set of stamps came out on January25,1932 in the United States for the 3rd White Olympics.From then on,publishing stamps during the White Olympics became a rule. During the 4th Winter Olympics Games a group of stamps were published in Germangy in November 1935. The five rings of Olympics were printed on the front of the sportswear.It was the frist time that the symbol appeared on the stamps of the White Olympics,In the 1950's,the stamps of this kkind became more colorful.When the White Olympics came,the host coyntries as well as the non—host countries published stamps to mark those Games.China also published four stamps in February 1980,when the Chinese sportsmen began to march into the area of the White Olympics. Japan is the only Ssian country that has ever held the White Olympics.Altogether 14500 million stamps were sold to raise money for this sports meet.Different kinds of sports were printed on these small stamps.Peoplecan enjoy the beauty of the wonderful movements of some players.
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@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
23 Oct 10
Of course! In Europe, where I am from originally, most people know of them, I think.
@slp423 (48)
• China
24 Oct 10
Yes,you right,i think many people know of The Whirt Olympics.