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October 23, 2010 6:59am CST
My babies are 3 yrs old and 1yr and 8 months old. My sons are loved watching video at They watch videos everyday. My eldest son knows how to use mouse so he can replay the video when he love the video and he select videos he like to watch. So, I decided to download an autoplay for youtube. Now, since my husband and I use a computer for our work, we decided to download videos from youtube and make a DVD file. We decided to make a DVD file rather than VCD file because we like to make subtitle for the children songs and we can follow the song. The question now are, can anyone teach me how to make a DVD file? And how to put a subtitle to a video? Thanks a lot for your help! :D
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• Philippines
24 Oct 10
Well, you can download realplayer for downloading videos directly from Youtube or any other video site. Once downloaded, you can already burn it on a DVD cd as long as it follows the correct format. (you'll be needing a burner, by the way) Burning is easy -- you can actually do it on any version of Windows Media Player. But for the subtitles, try going to I'm not sure if all Youtube videos are supported there. Other than that, please do feel free to ask me more questions in the near future. Thank you and God bless you and your family! :D Nice son! I learned how to use the mouse when I was 4 years old! I see a bright future ahead! ^_^ Cheers!
• United States
24 Oct 10
Usually for making DVDs, you have to have a software program that will convert files to DVD format. As for making subtitles, you also have to have a video editing program for that. Corel makes video editing software or you can do some research to see what kind of video software will work for your computer.