Technology? You mean electronics?

October 24, 2010 7:04am CST
When we constantly use the phrase 'technology', based on the meaning we give credit to all kinds of experts and scientists and engineers and so forth. The reality is these technology is nothing but (at least vast majority of that) electronics based (electronics, IT (computers) micro-electronics and like). So why is that when we dazzled by the surrounding world we give credit to all other parts of the scientific world, where as most of the credit should be given to electronics. that is not fair. let me put my frustrations in a different way. We live in a very technological advanced and complex world. Each field of our scientific world have been taking part in advancing the world from mechanic, agriculture, electronics, architects, medicine and so. In a process one technology can help the other. For example the mechanics can be used to enhance agricultural technologies. But there is only on technology which has been enhancing all the other technologies(and ultimately the world) far more greater than any other technologies. The service which has been provided by electronics to bring the world is so enormous that without electronics we are doomed, the scientific world is doomed. The electronics is the back bone of today's advanced world. In fact electronics has been so great to us that it has occupied the technology by great degree. is is almost like technology means nothing but electronics. So next time when you hear 'technology' just think about electronics. And don't take it for granted.
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