Which is better Love marriage or arranged marriage?

October 24, 2010 11:20pm CST
It is very difficult now a days to find true love and get married, True love is pure and not filled with lust, True love is based on many characteristic live patience ,caring, long suffering, if your really get your true love and get married life will be really peaceful children will also have a good family life otherwise there will be a lot of trouble in married life, what are your views on this?
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@hushi22 (4940)
25 Oct 10
love marriage is better in my opinion because the couples are emotionally attached unlike arrange marriage. =)
• India
3 Nov 10
Thanks for your response. Even in arranged marriage if the couples have some time to interact before they can get married then there will be an emotional attachment, so it all depends even after getting married how you can work to keep the marriage happy and lasting. Even it is a love marriage you have to work sometimes more harder to keep it happy forever there are ups and downs in life, so a lot of hard work has to be put in.
• United States
25 Oct 10
You know, this is a great question! Personally I would have no problem being in an arranged marriage. I have friends whose parents were in arranged marriages and tehy are very very happy. I actually think that arranged marriages have a lesser divorce rate than regular marriages, however I would have to research that for further information. Personally, I would like to fall in love when I find my significant other. However, I wouldn't mind being arranged. Love is a choice we all make, whether we realize it or not.
• India
25 Oct 10
Yes, it is very true that arranged marriages divorce rate is low, as in an arranged marriage expectation is very low on either side, in a love marriage they expect a lot from each other so they will be disappointed at times but still it is not an excuse for a divorce. Arranged marriages are safer on girls as nowadays one has to be very careful about love, it maybe just lust and the girls may be exploited, so the decision must be done with a lot of care.
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• Pakistan
27 Dec 10
Before i start my view i want to say that my English is not too good. So I hope you will understand what i want to say and explain. In my view arrange marriage is better than love. But a very rare love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Arrange Marriage is better because both partners know that they have to spend life with each other so they try to understand each other and spend their lives smoothly. Not all the arrange marriages be successful but mostly succeed. Mostly love marriages fail because both the partners do not understnad each other before marriage and after marriage they get negative attitude then they expect. And we mostly expect more from our lover that causes the failure of love marriage. I like love marriage but i know the disadvantages of love marriage and loses too. But mostly we have to lose one or more of our family members. Arrange Marriage is 75% batter than love marriage in my view. Because it happens with the pleasure of family. They also wish to see both of them happy. If both lovers love each other really and truly then that love marriage can be successful and long lasting till end.