I hope my brothers and sister is also hardworking like me.

October 24, 2010 11:35pm CST
I was born poor and my family is poor but that does not bother me at all as i am doing all my best to find good job and good salary to meet my needs and to help my family and parents.My brother is in qatar working as a salescrew there.I still have one brother and one sister here with me at home but i am very disappointed with them because they are old enough now to be responsible siblings and must help our parents but they are so lazy in finding work to help the family.What they do everyday is watch tv the whole day and evening or in front of the computer the whole day playing games and online on facebook.I dont know if they are just really simple persons are just very lazy.This are my siblings but i am not proud of them because they are very irresponsible so what i do is try all the best i can do to earn income and help the family.
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
29 Oct 10
Well i think you should be bothered by them so much , you should just concentrate with what you can and make things better than keep blaming them . Instead of blaming them why not encourage and show them the way yea .
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
yEAH,YES i DO THAT in fact always before but not anymore because im so fed up.What i do is just show them what i can do best to help my family but as i see them everyday their mind are close and if i talk to them about this they will be angry. I guess i can not really change the way they are ,they are grown ups now to be exact adults now so must be no need to tell them what they can help for the family it should be self driven and initiative. If my siblings will do what they can to help for the family i now the family will not be very hard for us because everybody is helping each other.
• China
2 Aug 11
I'm sorry to hear your encounter.I respect your behavior.But your other one brother and sister are too lazy and bad.Do your local have some media to resolve these problem?In our city there is a TV program call "The New Old-Uncle",it's very famous.Many families with family disputes would go to the program,there is a mediator aunty we call her aunty Bai.We all respect her,and most family disputes would be resolved in this program.I think if you rely on your power your brother and sister won't obey you.But if rely on media,it will maybe to get a good result.