What do you collect?

United States
October 25, 2010 3:49am CST
What sort of thing do you collect? How old were you when you started collecting? & why? or what do you like about them?
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@maximax8 (27045)
17 Aug 11
I love to travel to different countries and so all the thing that I collect are from my travels. I began collect costume dolls when I was 18 years old. That year I worked as a children's nanny in Finland and then traveled around Europe by train. I liked dolls as a child and I am keen on costume now that I am an adult. I have bought back some notes and coins from overseas. I have got some postcards since I was a teenager these have been built up. They give me happy memories of my travels.
• United States
17 Aug 11
That sounds very interesting! Do you have a favorite country that you've visited? Or a favorite doll? I'm going to London in January, my brother's at Kings College & he graduates beginning of next year. I'm excited, but not for the plane ride! happy travels!
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@maximax8 (27045)
17 Aug 11
My favorite countries that I have traveled to are Samoa, Australia, New Zealand, Belize and the Seychelles. My favorite doll is made from wood and she came from Romania. I got two adult Kenyan dolls when I was in my mid twenties. On my way home from the Seychelles I got two children Kenyan dolls in my early thirties. It is lovely that your brother graduates from King's College next year. Good luck with your trip to London.
@buenavida (7811)
• Sweden
16 Aug 11
I collect friends instead of things! Good friends are very precious and if we have many, we have at least some left when we really need them. Friends give so much joy..
• United States
17 Aug 11
Good friends are very precious! ;] You learn that when times are tough!
@sweet_pea (3326)
• Philippines
5 Apr 11
When I was in grade school I used to collect stickers, stationery and stamps. But I don't know where they are now since we've been moving so much for the past years. In college I have a collection of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel stuff toys by McDonalds. I also have a collection of coins and paper bills from different countries. I also collected candles and angels too which are mostly gifts from friends. Unfortunately, I don't have a collection of boyfriends way back then.
@_sketch_ (5710)
• United States
28 Jan 11
I collect a few things. I collect lighters, coins, political bumper stickers, and some other things. I don't really know how old I was when I started collecting anything. The bumper stickers is a pretty new thing I started though. I collect things simply because I like them and I find it fun. They are kind of like a map of my life. Some people take lots of pictures. I like to collect things to remember certain times in my life. I have something from every job I've ever had. I have some name tags, some stupid pins, etc. The lighter collection is one of my favorites. I have always just loved fire for some reason. I have a bunch of old ones. I collect the bumper stickers because I think it would be interesting to look back and remember what issues people were concerned about throughout my lifetime. Also, a lot of them are funny.