when you are in a unknown crowd

@harry89 (2332)
October 25, 2010 11:00am CST
When there are so many people around you and you don't know a single person then you may feel lonely in the crowd. But on the other side some people introduce them to those unknown people and make new friends. What type of person are you? The one who feel lonely or the one who make new friends?
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• Philippines
30 Oct 10
Hi, i can make new friends in the middle of unknown crowd of people.My personality has improved and my friendliness since i started singing i talked to the guest even i dont know them personally.i do that every night as part of my work so if ever i will b e in a crowd where i dont know even one person for sure sooner or later i will enjoy the night.
25 Oct 10
I'm quite shy, I find it hard to open up to people or even trust them. I don't like openly trusting people until I at least know what people are like and I can happily get on with this. I don't really feel lonely in those situations, as in work I can just focus on my job and that leaves less time to feel lonely.
• India
25 Oct 10
it is always that i get someone charming and so i rather go and acquaint myself to that person. so you are never lonely and can talk to someone near you but sometimes it depends on your mood too.
@phurren (125)
25 Oct 10
I'm not good at making new friends but I don't feel lonely because of it. I'm happily married with a beautiful daughter and some good friends so I certainly don't feel lonely!