Suddenly interested?

United States
October 25, 2010 11:45am CST
Actually, it is my Great-Aunt. I remember her being kind of a part of our life when I was really little. Then when I was around 10 my mom and dad divorced. This was the first of a huge ripple in my relationship with her. Everyone in the family was torn apart. She helped my dad out and he stayed with her until he found his own place. She wanted to to help him one minute, and the next minute she was tired of him. Same with my sister and myself. While growing up I rarely talked to her or saw her. Now my dads health is bad and she is suddenly wanting to be a part of our lives. Shes calling us, offering to take us places, and stuff. I am really confused about this. I think where I have been let down by her int ha past, I am not sure if I can trust her. Part of me says to let her in, since she is family. Another part is telling me to not get my hopes up. So what would you do? Should I welcome her with open arms into my life now, or should I be cautious?
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