techdoctordeals very strange website and difficult to earn

@monalily (380)
October 25, 2010 11:57am CST
techdoctordeals is a forum i think similar to mylot. i joined this website and after log in, a message is displayed which tells you have to read threads from the administration before you can post anything. And you also cannot browse the forum without finishing read all the threads of admin.. I thought there will be 3 - 4 threads so i read it but i was shocked to see 3331 unread posts meaning tthat i will have to read all these posts in order to be able to browse the forum and start posting.. its so weird. I will go crazy viewing 3331 posts instead i prefer to put this effort in mylot and earn a few cents. I have quit this site and i didn't log in since 3 days.
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• Jamaica
26 Oct 10
how can i earn centi do that site by reading mesage i think i can do that
@monalily (380)
27 Oct 10
you don't know about the website i think. it is similar to mylot because you get paid for posting. but the problem is that the administration wants you to read 3331 posts first before start posting and it will not you for reading, its just to make sure you know the rules... but his is very tiring. who will read 3331 post for free?
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
27 Oct 10
TDD is not a scam site. I was a member and i would not upgrade my membership unless if i decide to be the permanent member there-my paypal is not verified and i don't have enough money to subscribe it looks like a scam site to non premium member as it seems unfair and it make us think difficult to earn money here as there is no way now to earn single cent there if we are not the premium if you want a great satisfaction earning on this site, sign in and be the premium member.i believe you will earn huge amount there. about the huge number of unread posts, there are not from the admin. there are posts created by the member.these are post that you are going to reply to the others.about the post from the admin it just a few and it will only there if the admin has something to announce to.
@vijayanths (7878)
• India
26 Oct 10
It is annoying to come to the same page again and again. You have to waste a lot of your time over there. It is like a kinda dictating you to view some pages as per their instructions. I don't have the patience to work on this site. I want to watch how things develop on this site and may be I will work after some time.Right now I am not at all happy with that site.
@armie23 (146)
• Philippines
26 Oct 10
hi monalily, yeah! I also joined techdoctordeals few days ago and I found out that I have to view those huge thread before I could start. I was annoyed and disappointed then. So, I rather waste my time to other online jobs instead reading their huge thread.
@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
25 Oct 10
I've read so many discussions here about TDD, so I became curious and I signed up for an account in TDD. The same thing happened to me, they keep sending me to the admin's posts. I had read a discussion here where a TDD user had adviced another to wait for 3-4 days until those messages dissapear. So I thought I must have patience. But I begun to read the admin's posts. First I was redirected to admin's post 4 days old, then to admin's post 3 days old, then 2 days, then 1 day, then 17 hours and finally I was able to see the forum. You don't need to read all the replies, only the admin's posts. It won't take you more than half an hour. But, in my oppinion, that forum doesn't deserve our time and attention, as it is quite difficult to follow the discussion thread. Not to say that there are mostly technical topics. So I'll remain loyal to myLot, here we can talk about any subject we want. I've been paid by myLot not only once and I trust it. I won't change it for TDD.
• Singapore
25 Oct 10
I didn't even know of this forum. haha