Wedding Bloopers! Do you have any?

@johan143 (165)
October 25, 2010 11:52pm CST
My husband and I recently attended a formal wedding. He was to proxy for his brother who is currently in australia. The wedding ceremony was perfectly done and it was beautiful. My husband was so gorgeous on his "Americana" and so with all the other principal sponsor. The reception was a garden reception but it didnt' go along well because of the rain. It ruin the occasion and all the preparations. We have to transfer to a room and waited for almost two hours before we were able to proceed with the celebration. The show must go on... for better or for worst! Of course! the couple were so apologitic to what had happenned. I remember my own wedding, my sister who had the ring and the aras what sooooo late! We proceed with ceremony... my mother was almost hysterical, borrowed rings from i don't know who and i whispered to my husband to pull out his wallet as a substituted to the "aras". One of our godfather said "if I only knew i should have let you borrowed my wallet." Of course we were all laughing but i still wish it was a perfet wedding. Do you have a wedding experience to share??
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