Do you want to live in A big city?

October 26, 2010 1:14am CST
According to the WORLD BANK,by 2020,China's urban population of more than 100 million cities will break 80,and will be over the rural population.So many people come into city,so many cars,so many houses,so much garbage,so many people's voices.And you will be difficult to have a place belong to your terrible! In your oountry,are there so many people live in big cities?DO you want to live in a big city?
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@vijay12 (1643)
• India
26 Oct 10
Sorry to hear about China.In big cities having one's own house is a very big problem due to high costs.Food,clothes and shelter are the basics of life.I am living in a town and have my own house.I think I am lucky.
• China
26 Oct 10
yes,you are right.the sky is more bluer in town.indeed,in china ,houses are too dear.many young people have to return loan during all their lives.
@hushi22 (4940)
26 Oct 10
i dont plan to live in a big city. but as of now since i am still young and need to work and experience a lot i have to live in a big city where there are many high paid jobs. but once i have my own business i will prefer to live in a small city or a province.
• China
26 Oct 10
wish you good luck
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
26 Oct 10
Hi, Living in a big city is more stressful,but I am kinda a more out going person and I love to stay in a busy city rather than a small city. I just like to have more happenings in my surroundings. Now , I am married and we moved back to my husband's hometown, it is a small city for me and until now, I still feel bore and not get used to the life here. I was staying in Singapore for the past 10 years and Singapore is not a big country,but it has plenty of adventures spots to go and full of night lifes.I just love to stay there. and I feel regret by leaving Singapore.
• China
26 Oct 10
well,i also do not want to live in a too big city.but a big city also has its benefits.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
29 Oct 10
I am working for a company which has its headoffice right in the downtown core of the city. I have to drive there every weekday, struggling through all the frustrating traffic congestions. But, my house is outside the downtown core, in one of the suburban areas. That's what I prefer, living a pleasant and quiet locality. All the basic necessities are available in the area too, with a number of shopping malls and stores withing ten minutes drive.
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
26 Oct 10
I live in a big city now, but I would actually prefer to live in the country side. It is my dream to move out of the city in the future.