Been paid thrice in Donkey mails

@ashok1 (225)
October 26, 2010 5:07am CST
Donkey mails is a legit site.Got paid a dollar three times.Main thing is paid to free signup pays you atleast 10 cents.Do anybody know any other ways to earn big in donkeymails?.
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@rojishroy (600)
• India
26 Oct 10
The best way to earn money in donkeymails is by referring other people to donkeymails. Donkeymails offers one of the best referral program in the internet. You will get the referral commission even in the 5th level.So try to get more referrals in Donkeymails. Happy Mylotting!!!
@funkykid (441)
• India
26 Oct 10
yes earning through referrals is the best way to ean more at donkeymales.they are best when it cmes to referral commission.and yu can get referrals easy too as its easy convience them to join such an legit service:) Happy Mylotting :)
@Huey365 (342)
• Malaysia
26 Oct 10
Hello, i am also been paid 3 times by donkeymails and now i am ready for the forth payment. However, i don't think we can "earn big" in this site unless you have many referrals who are really active or you do all the signup offers. I started to earn using the paid-to-promote feature in donkeymails and i found that i accumulated my earning faster than before. If you are good in driving traffic, you can earn a good amount using donkeymals ptp program. Happy earning!