how does upbringing affect u?

October 26, 2010 7:05am CST
personally i believe that how we were raised at home greatly influences how we interact with people and the way we deal with life. like if you come from a family that is rigid, the outcome of this you are also likely to become hostile and rigid person. what is your opinion about this matter? you can cite instances.
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@marguicha (109271)
• Chile
26 Oct 10
Upbringung and genes influence people. But there comes a time in your life when people question what they have been told and make their own decisions after deciding what to keep, what to change as values. I´m glad we all change and take our own risks. If that did not happen, we would be still living in caves.
• Philippines
26 Oct 10
Upbringing is very important to. This is the reason why I am trying my best to raise my daughter well. I want here to live in a peaceful and loving home .
@durgabala (1362)
• India
26 Oct 10
Even I feel the upbringing makes a lot of difference. but also the friends circle. even if ur family is rigid and friends are very cool, u tend to adopt ur friends easy going life. i have a cousin who is just like his parents. not friendly and very quite. very stingy too. doesn't like to invite friends for festivals nor goes out with friends. now that he is married to a very bubbly girl, he is changing this attitude towards life. he has started visiting friends , speaks fine and has become very friendly too.