clothes now a days seem to be showing more skin than before.

@EdnaReyes (2628)
October 27, 2010 3:30am CST
Every time I watch TV shows, I could see lots of girls wearing clothes showing more skin. In fashion mags, it's the same. Why do people of this generation, love to show off their bare skin, have they forgotten that clothes should cover them off and not bare them out? Why ? They call is a trend, agree?
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@sonusd (1548)
• India
28 Oct 10
People are working hard at Gym,Going on dieting to loose there weight and getting slim so they wish to show there hard work so we should not comment on them.
• United States
27 Oct 10
In a sense Edna they are selling s@x. For some reason if they do not show skin they feel the public is not interested. Take the show, Glee - quite an interesting high school innocent show where as many of the students get together and entertain us and compete in singing and talent acts. I really liked this show for two reasons. One it's innocence and wished more kids today had Glee clubs as oppose to being out in the street and causing havoc. Secondly a good friend of our Jane Lynch is so cool on the show. Okay so the show has being doing really great and this is it's second season, so tell me why the young pretty girls just a couple weeks ago posed in lingerie, really revealing on magazines. There is a very big controversy over this as the show was suppose to portray really young great kids. According to our friend the network is up in arms. Why, why do people think that showing skin will gain popularity. Too bad as the bottom line is that as time goes by no cares for their skin anymore as they move on to the younger sexier skin showers and where does this leave the others out!! No one remembers their talent but their trash later.