when you can't sleep

@acey76 (1278)
October 27, 2010 3:42pm CST
when you can't sleep at night what do you do? Me, i like reading, browsing the net how about you my lotters?
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@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
27 Oct 10
Usually I have trouble sleeping if I take a nap. if I can't sleep, which I do turn on my laptop and surfing internet, mainly active in MyLot.
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@saqi78 (1405)
• Malaysia
27 Oct 10
I like to sleep at night early but I really cant sleep, you know what is time now, it is already five am in the morning and I am on myLot at this time. I surf and do different thing over here. And one other thing, I am on a share network, in day time, every one use internet so the speed becomes slow in the hostel, and this is another reason why I like to surf at night...
@acey76 (1278)
• Philippines
2 Nov 10
yah ..the same problem with me already morning and still finding ways to sleep....
@youless (94200)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Oct 10
If I can't sleep, perhaps I will use my cellphone to surf online or watch a movie. So I may feel sleepy after some time and then I can fall alseep easily. If it doesn't work, then perhaps I have to force myself to close my eyes and have a deep thought. This will be another way for me to sleep. I love China
• United States
28 Oct 10
I sometimes get annoyed when I can't sleep since I feel crappy the next day. If I can't sleep I just lay there with my eyes closed and try not to think anything so I can fall asleep. If I still can't fall asleep then I'll just read a book or play my Playstation Portable till I'll get sleepy. Usually reading and playing my PSP helps me fall asleep, but there are some nights it won't work if I had a very stressful day.
@simonelee (2718)
• China
28 Oct 10
If i can't sleep at night i usually spend more time watching television until my eyes get tired. I do surf sometimes but i spending time in front of the computer stresses me. I don't usually force my self to sleep because it will only give me terrible headache. When i spend more than 30 minutes in bed and still can't sleep then that's the time i grab the remote.
27 Oct 10
When i can't sleep at night i usually go on the internet for abit, because theres never really much on tv at that time of night... and if there is its all repeats. I can sit there trying to find things all night because theres always something to do on here. If i do eventually get bored i would go on a game on my ps3.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
27 Oct 10
When I can't sleep, I read books and my favorite magazines. I also some times sit on my bed and practise "Yoga" meditation. Meditation is very relaxing, and helps getting rid of the stresses on the mind. That helps in having peaceful sleep. Meditation is very good for mental as well as physical health.