Making a tough choice...

@yna410 (431)
October 27, 2010 8:27pm CST
Many people say that love is mysterious and complicated. True enough. It's difficult to understand how love truly works. Every person has his/her own perception about love. Although people have different views and experiences when it comes to love, I think every one will agree that, "the greatest feeling in this world is to love and to be loved in return". What if fate becomes cruel and you can only choose one, either to love or to be loved? It's amazing to hear beautiful love stories over and over again, how two people fell in love and ended up with each other happily. For some, it really isn't the same case. I know some friends who ended up either alone because they can't move on or accept that the person they love doesn't love them or with someone whom they truly love but who doesn't know their worth. they keep their feelings hoping that someday that person will love them back. I also know other friends who ended up with someone who deeply loves them but they think about somebody else, the one person their hearts truly belong. It's sad to hear that there are stories such as these. We can't really blame them or insist to them what we feel is the right decision or thing for them to do. They have their own reasons, own hopes, own ways of dealing with the situation. If I'll be asked this question, to be honest, it's hard to tell what I would really do. So many questions in my head. If I choose the one I love, do I really have a chance on him? How long can I wait? Is he really worth the wait? It's a brave thing to fight for what you feel or who you truly love, but sometimes it's better to let go. While some succeed, some don't. If I choose the one who loves me, isn't it unfair to him? Am I being too selfish because I also want to be happy? Will I eventually learn to love him? It's comforting to know someone loves you, that someone is there to catch you or help mend your broken heart, but sometimes it's better to stay away. While some learn to forget and love again, some don't. Now, who will you choose?
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