Have you OR would you like to give a good look to ur partner ?

@Karunvig (714)
October 28, 2010 11:38am CST
Have you ever given importance to the partner's look / dressing sense and other small small things which MAY NOT matter in a relationship but when u date that person, what other people feels abt him/her matters a lot... lets say u r sitting in 7 str hotel and having tea and ur spouse is wearing dirty shoes, would it be a bad impression on ur personality or u will just ignore that/...
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@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
1 Nov 10
I will want my partner to look good and he wants the same for me too. It's a pride to us being seen with a well groom person. Appearance might not be very important, but we have to dress for the occasion and the place we are going. We respect the place and we dress up for it. If not, we should respect our partner and dress up to complement their style.
28 Oct 10
I would just ignore it myself because as long as shes not bothered then i wouldn't be. I'm more bothered about wearing dirty things myself than she is about herself. She wouldn't be bothered about me either because it doesn't matter what other people think in our opinions.
• United States
28 Oct 10
My live-in boyfriend was not into the whole dressing up unless it was truly a special occasion. We mutually agreed that when we moved in together we would not change who either one was. He is so cute though as I am a classy dresser at all times, so I have seen him evolve all on his own saying well I have to look good to be going places with you. It was then I knew that he was a keeper. There are times when one of the other in relationships may not be up to par as to how we would prefer, but we must all remember that we met them that way therefore, we can merely suggest and never try to change the person as there is a reason we were attracted to them in the beginning and last thing we would want is for our partner to be fake and phony and not be themselves.
• Portugal
28 Oct 10
i would tell him that his shoes are dirty. not bcs i would feel embarassed but bcs i didnt want people said bad about him^^ i care much for my bf and if we were near if that ever happened i would tell him^^ and for sure he would change that^^ but i didnt care if people said things about me but about him i dont want to hear any bad word^^ i love my bf and i will protect him always^^
@pino69 (57)
• Belgium
28 Oct 10
I would just ignore it, if it looks good then there's no problem. But if your partner is wearing old things, ok that's something else. But like dirty shoes, I don't care. Ok buy your partner new shoes or so next time. It looks a lot nicer then. Just mention it if you don't like something your in a relationship then you can mention something like that.