Where do we go after this life?

October 28, 2010 7:29pm CST
I was raised catholic and have been taught my entire life about heaven and how if we're good we will be excepted into the kingdom of God. I have come to the conclusion that i do not fully support this idea. I believe heaven to be man made. It leaves to much room for human emotion ex: punishment(condemned to hell) and God is suppose to love us unconditionally so why would he send us there. I believe we have a choice. Look at it this way, after we die we are placed infront of a door, fork in the road, bridge, whatever, and we are stuck with a choice...where do we go from here? Now our life that we have left behind and what we have taken from that life will lead us to a choice. Its not about gods foriveness its about our own. We need to want forgiveness, we need to forgive ourselves, we need to forgive others. If we are tied to this world still we cannot reach a stage of enlightment...we simply stay in this abyss....go back to the world and try again....or we come to terms with what we were suppose to have learned in our past life and move forward to the next stage.... Basically, what i want this discussion to be about is everyones views on whats next? Where do u think we go?
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