What is the best anime do you watch?

October 28, 2010 11:24pm CST
In you think. What's the best anime do u watch? I like Hajime No Ippo Index and Railgun. Because Their story is good and production is very good.
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@tedeng06 (60)
• Philippines
17 Nov 10
The best anime I'm watching at the moment is one piece because it is full of action and twists you won't get bored and you'll get hook if you will watch it. Apparently they are releasing episodes on a weekly basis every Sunday here Philippines.
25 Nov 10
You are right there! Yes! One Piece is full of surprises and exciting episodes. Some people don't like it because they say that it have ugly characters, well, they are wrong. Once you watch it, you'll just crave for more exciting scenes. You'll just love it.
• Philippines
8 Dec 10
I am a great fan of anime since I was in grade school. During grade school, I liked Sailormoon. During highschool, I liked Dragonball, Fushigi Yuugi, Neo Genesis Evangelion, Vision of Escaflowne, Gundam Wing and Ghostfighter. During college, I liked Knockout, Hunter X Hunter and Slamdunk (although I wasn't able to finish watching some of these due to my schedule). During my working days after graduation, I liked Naruto, One Piece, Gundam Seed, and Bleach (still I wasn't able to finish watching because of shifting schedules at work). And up until now, I like watching with my son, Wallflower, Shakugan no Shana, Code Geass, Special A and the latest D. Gray-man. I find it hard to choose which is the best among these animes. Maybe the latest would the best for (D. Gray-man) because I've become interested on how the story was formed.
17 Nov 10
Kind of hard to tell really. Anime is quite diverse in style and content. My favorite one is; Neon Geneis Evangelion Think for the comedy one I love GTO :)
• Philippines
3 Nov 10
Hello!!! I've watched a lot of animes...and so far, ouran high school host club has become one of my favorite.^^ i also love bokura ga ita ( i felt like i can really relate to this anime (with the whole story of course...it's just so heart warming and you could cry over the whole story...a very sad love story indeed..) Ah! my goddess is also good...i love the characters...funny storyline. ^^
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
Well I have watched a lot of anime and one of my favorites is ghost in the shell. I also liked hajime no ippo.