First love never dies? Really???

October 29, 2010 12:51am CST
We have a saying that first love never dies... It is a notion termed to a relationship that was not successful the first time and that both parties go on with their life. They say this is the feeling where you still "misses" the first... especially if your partner shows you the way on the feeling on what really love is. In my own point of view to share, I don't know if this is true or not. Why? My husband is the same man that I have fallen the first time with. So generally, Until now my first love remains and never died. But I want to have a point of view of other people regarding this since I never experience the one they call "you can not forget the partner who first broke your heart". I have a friend that she says until now that her "first love never died", knowing that she has gone through different relationship already since the first heartache. I think she changes a lot when she encountered her first heartbreak... For her, love is not that sweet anymore... Any point of view to share? I also want to give a chat with my friend regarding this so she can learn to give her trust back in falling in-love...
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• Portugal
31 Oct 10
depends^^ if your first love had a big love for you like you had for him is normal that is hard to forget^^ but for me i forgot my first big love^^ i loved him a lot really but he hurt me much. i got sick even bcs of him and i never went to be the same girl i was anymore. he changed me. i became more sensitive, cry more easy, got more nervous.. but i forgot him. he didnt feel a strong love for me as i felt so i forgot him. and now i only want my bf^^ bcs he loves me^^ about your friend im sorry that she didnt forget that first love. you need to tell her that she has to move on with her life^^ we all have someone meant for us^^ and if isnt that guy for sure she will find the right one^^ she shouldnt waste more time with her first love^^ that guy loves her too? if he did she could try to get back with him^^ but if he doesnt is time for her to meet new guys and dont think about him anymore. life is too short to waste thinking in a guy that doesnt love her back. but if her first love was sweet to her in the past and is single now she can try to be friends with him again^^ and who knows^^ the best for your friend^^ and for you too^^
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• Philippines
7 Nov 10
Hi sweetloveforeve, (such a sweet unique name huh...) Nice to hear your shared story about this. I do always positively think that we should always open and trust our inner heart to accept some painful event in our life especially when it involves emotion. We always should move forward no matter how difficult it is like the first pain in a first relationship. We need to trust that something happen for a reason... like you, I do believe that you are more romantically and more stable with your present relationship with your boyfriend since you know how "to love" and to "be loved" and have learned from previous relationship. Have a nice day my friend...
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@shibham (17025)
• India
29 Oct 10
I don't think so. there are very less evidence of first love which is still running.
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