Online career

online career - earning money through the internet
October 29, 2010 3:03am CST
I have observed that for me to be able to be productive online is to be able to put more time in doing online jobs. If i just give it an hour a day, then a get only what is due me, and that is cents per hour. I am grateful for a mylotter who have given me a link to another online job which is very promising but working there is not as easy as working here, where all u have to do is interact with people and put in writing all your impressions. On that site, I have to make sure that i follow their specifications to the dot, hence all my effort and time will be gone to waste.But I am not giving up on that site,i know in time i will know my way around there and i will be earning satisfactorily. (^_^) Are you satisfied with how much you are earning online? Is it really just for fun and do you think we should be practical for a change?
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