How can we overcome temptation?

October 29, 2010 8:39am CST
Some of us are trying to be good but why in the world that we can still be tempted, and continue doing bad action or behavior and thoughts...
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• Philippines
29 Oct 10
We are humans.. we are not perfect. If anybody would attain perfection and can not be tempted, he is already heaven-bound and already living a very high-spiritual uplifting. We have conscience to guide us. Internally, it speaks to us, but our flesh is weak. Sometimes, very weak... So what to do? We seek "divine" intervention to help us surpass the temptation. I think, as ourselves, alone, we will never surpass temptation at its highest form. We always need "divine" guidance to strengthen us. And as always, just follow this simple advise on what the old saying says: "Don't go to places where a snake can easily bite you.." I think everybody gets this simple message and meaning. Its all that I can say...
• Thailand
29 Oct 10
about the heaven-bound very strong spirit that is in you that cannot be shaken amazing thanks for the response... keep up the good work :) but what if the snake run to you and bite you ..?
• Philippines
31 Oct 10
Nice catch to the last phrase. That's why you have to ask yourself.... "Is it worthy to give in to the desire of the said temptation?" There maybe times that we can already say that the temptation is already there and "non-repairable" but we need to see the risk and sometimes biting to the temptation happen for a very special reason... "To teach us humility and values". Sometimes we test the temptation only to find out and realized on ourselves that the temptation that strikes us is worthless and would give us more trouble and therefore, will enable us to see the "light"... We are humans and meant to commit mistake but we need to admit our mistakes and should realize that "the same mistake" should be avoided and should not be committed all-over again. If as humans we can not make our lives straight, we are walking to our path of doom. And who's to blame? None other than ourselves. Mistakes and giving in to the temptation makes us human... But the value of not committing the same mistake would make us "MORE" human... And you have to forgive yourself why such "giving in to the temptation" happen so that you can move on...and be more firm in life's decision next time. Have a nice day my friend... May you find the answers that will enlighten you.