Facebook : A place for self-centered and boastful people?

October 29, 2010 8:48am CST
Do you get annoyed with people who keeps on posting their richness or accomplishments on Facebook? What do you think of this kind of people? How much do they value the comments of their friends?
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• Philippines
29 Oct 10
I just think of these people as filled with horsesh!t. I'm not really that easily affected by those. I'm more of a realist. I express it by mocking their posts. :p
@Vegtamr (82)
• Italy
29 Oct 10
They are just showoff... let them be and ignore them, it's not even worth of talking about. Basically they need to prove themselves to be better than you, that's why they enjoy showing off everything they got. If you answer them, even for bashing them off, you're simply doing their own game. Ignore ;)
@AKRao24 (19755)
• India
29 Oct 10
Please don't mind I found many of the people are fake in their nature.I know the people with whom I befriended on Face Book as i am staying away. And when the postings done by these are read I get really irritated. they talk as if nobody is parallel to them by the way of Plagiarism.they show double standards, some even hide their age and qualifications etc etc. All these indicate that a person is not serious and intentions are not clear! Boasting one's richness with big Cars and Motors Cycles seems too childish act. Boasting one's achievements or accomplishments can be appreciated if they are really worth mentioning on the site. Over all, I really I never carried a good impression about this site and I stayed there for say about 6 to 8 weeks and today in my profile picture I have added a picture which says.SHOP CLOSED, will be back! and in the box of What is in your mind, I have written that SHOP IS CLOSED FOR RENOVATION ! LOL!! In my opinion Face book is a social network meant for school kids who can simply chat some day today issues and boast about their newly aquired things! LOL ! Thanks !
@Jacobus1919 (1683)
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
All I can say some people do post arrogantly their new cars and stuff over on Facebook. But, chill sir. There is nothing to be angry about. Some just want to share some info to their friends. Some boast, but why get angry?
@Sir_bobby88 (8245)
• Singapore
29 Oct 10
It is very true , it will corrupt young children mind yea