How long you use a mobile phone?

Mobile phone - How long you use a mobile phone?
October 29, 2010 10:13am CST
I usually dont like to use a mobile 1 year after purchase. I will get bored. Even if I get a higher end version with all features, it is getting bored to use it. So I recently decided to go with basic models with minimum but necessary features. So what you think about this? How long will you use a mobile? What category of mobiles you prefer?
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29 Oct 10
I have my mobile phone for awhile... I think i had my last one nearly 3 years, but it was getting very unrealiable as it kept missing calls and turning off alot too. I have recently brought a new one of the same brand name, but obviously newer model and alot better and more upto date with lots of features. My favourite brand of mobile phone has always been Nokia.