October 29, 2010 2:56pm CST
While writing this Satan is really irritating me... I just want to tell the world that God the living God in heaven is so awesome in my life... He remind me this past few days if I really want to seek instructions in my life... is to seek him first... seek him more than my lost centavos... bleed for him more than I bleed for the lost things that I treasured most and he will reveal himself to me... and all his instructions to me... And yes he did reveal things little by little... He just want me to have a strong fellowship with him... a strong faith in him... For four years that I've been a Christian believing without doubt and fear is very hard for me to do... but know I just asks and close my eyes and believe no matter what... I am happy that God is rebuking me though its painful its for the best... for the an answered prayers I know God is just preparing me for it. I hope you readers have the same sweet fellowship with God, because your life will be more easier when you are with God. How about you... what can you share our dear fellow my lotters the inspiring things God gave you and made you as a strong Christian?
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• United States
30 Oct 10
I love God. He is my favorite in the whole world. Actually my daughter and I have being saying that to each other since she was about 8 years old. Every single day more that a couple times. She says, 'I love you more than anything 'cept Jesus' and I say the same to her. Now she has a baby and she says 'I love your more than anything 'cept Jesus and Jon-Saxton. I have had many wonderful things happen in my life as a result of my faith in God. I have helped many, but if I wasn't a christian I would not have gone out of my way to do those things. Thank God He has opened my eyes and revealed so many things thru wisdom. It makes me a better and richer person by knowing Him. It also helps your loved ones when you are close to God.
• Philippines
22 Mar 12
I Love my Jesus my Lord and Savior!