I receiving those credit card application letter again

United States
October 29, 2010 3:27pm CST
Hmm, after a while, those credit card companies started to send out those solicitation with pre - approval application form again. With those new credit line keeping low, and free interest rate for some months, would you be tempted to apply those credit cards again, and dig a hole for yourself to bury under in debt again? I won't do it; I simply toss them away to the garbage can. For many years, I working on my credit debt, and I just won't want to do it again. Discipline yourself with your financial money, that is the advice I will give all of you.
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• Philippines
30 Oct 10
Nowadays, banking and financing institution would pull any trick from of their sleeves to lure everyone to get anything they can offer...The reason? it is because of the world's economic condition. They need more and more capital infusion to keep going. Banks today, as everybody suspects, has less money compared to previous years. The banks too are fixing their own mess from great economic plunge and this one of the way they have, let people get their offers especially their credit cards and loans and they receive service fee payments thereafter. I do believe that people should refrain from getting loans and credit cards at the reason that world economy is unstable and the employment for everyone is always risky even for big companies, we can never say... So what's the best? Make on the budget what your monthly compensation you can have on a month. Don't be fallen on tricks lured by financing companies... Everything for the moment is unstable when it concerns with money.
• United States
30 Oct 10
Hmmm, With those extremely high interest rate, you should just get away from those credit card solicitation offers. There are many restrictions and rules that you must follow, otherwise they will waive your current status, and start charging you high interest.