We found a cat today, he had a home though.

October 29, 2010 6:45pm CST
While working today, my boss and I saw a cat on the street sitting on top of a sewer grate. I went over to her, she had him in her arms, and she told me to call the number on his tag. I called the number and left a message for the owner that we'd found her cat. Gave her my number and told her that he'd be with us all day until she called us back. After a while, I started to worry about him, she hadn't called me back and I wondered if he had an owner that actually cared for him. Well, on the way home, she called. She was happy that we'd found him, he'd gotten out in the morning and she didn't know it until before she left for work. She was going to look for him when she got home from work, but she decided to check her messages first and it was a good thing she had. Her cat was wandering about 5 blocks away from her home, back where she used to live back in the summer. She told me that the cat has a thyroid condition that prevents him from putting weight on himself, he was quite thin and we were worried that he'd been out for a long time. However, that not being the case, we were quite relieved. We fed him, gave him milk, and he was quite content sleeping in the car while we worked. He was never alone at all during the day, there was always someone in the car with him. At one point, he was lying on the front seat being sucky towards our driver, which was so cute. On our way home, he got sick though, from both ends, and that made me sick too. I think because he hadn't eaten since last night that he ate too much when we fed him. His owner came and got him and we were all happy about that. It was a happy ending for a black cat so close to Halloween.
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• Indonesia
30 Oct 10
thanks God, she is lucky. My cats are semi-wild cats, then I unnecessary to tag them, because they can going to home by them self. that's why I called them semi-wild cats.lol