Traffic Aids Does Not KNOW HOW to direct traffic!!!!

October 29, 2010 6:48pm CST
I was on my way home from the grocery store last night. I was riding my motor bike. Traffic was quite heavy at the time. There were traffic aids directing the traffic on the intersection that I was approaching. The lane where I was on was on the go, I was a few meters behind the last vehicle that was about to cross the intersection. Just as I was about to cross, my bike has actually entered the intersection already, then this stupid traffic aid simply signaled the vehicles on my either side to go without even signaling me to stop! Good thing my breaks worked well. This is not the first time that I have observed this since this new batch of obviously UNTRAINED traffic aids did this kind of action. This is also the third time that I was in the middle of it! This batch of traffic disaster-causing aids were hired by the newly elected city mayor obviously due to political promises. Another stupid thing is, these traffic aids are wearing a dull blue shirts without any reflective vest or an orange gloves. How the heck do they think the drivers can see their hand signals at night??? does any of you experience this in your place? Kindly share your thoughts.
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@TheAdvocate (2395)
• Philippines
30 Oct 10
Marikina is such a small city that we do not have a lot of intersections requiring traffic aides. Here we have baranggay police assisting the pedestrians especially near the schools. Our traffic lights work enough to give our traffic cops a rest. This is not true for most of Metro Manila though. Most drivers have complained that traffic becomes more complicated when directed by traffic aides. They do not aid but instead hinder traffic. For some reason, they seem to be candidates for a new pair of glasses, I swear. I have been in your situation where I almost had an accident just because these traffic aides would suddenly appear and make a hand signal that is likely to cause an accident. I mostly just roll my eyes and have given up figuring if these people are trained - most likely trained to cause an accident.