What God cannot give us But we can give Him ?

October 29, 2010 11:30pm CST
Friends, we all have TRUST in god and knew that HE is giving us all everything we need in life. But one thing he cannot give which we can give him. say, HE gives us LOVE, HEALTH, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIP, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM what not? But He cannot give(Show) GRATITUDE TO US. That is the only thing WE can give HIM. So, pls. share how can we show our gratitude to HIM.
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@kai9999 (1703)
• India
30 Oct 10
give him happiness, he is only happy when we do good thing and sad when we don't. in order words you need to stay happy all the time to make him happy. by happy i mean by inner side and not outer view.
• United States
30 Oct 10
To really appreciate the grace of God, i.e. gratitude, is to live every aspect of your life totally for Him. After all, without God we would all be totally lost. This means that we must dedicate every day to Him, everything to Him. We must not be a Sunday only Christian, or Saturday only, while living the rest of the week for ourselves. It means that we are not to be ashamed of Him, but honor Him at all times. It also means that we are to treat all other humans with love and respect, we must not judge them or harm them in any way. There is much more to this matter, but this should help I think.