Who? your friend for so many year or the love you recently met...

October 30, 2010 12:44am CST
Given a situation that you were left by you partner. And you had 1 friend, who stands with you throughout the hardship you've gone through. Then you met another love again... later on your relationship... you need to choose. Who will you choose? Your friend for so many years and holds you till you fully got up to your feet again? or the love you recently met?
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@erdhee (57)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 10
Hmm. I think its very difficult. Because i think, friend is important for me.. Also your GF/BF is important too.. But in this case i'll choose my friend and leave my love.. Because it would be harder to find the best friend than find the good girl.. :P
• Philippines
30 Oct 10
I agree with you that best friends are harder to find than a good partner. And it's really sad that some people would rather choose the love they found than the best friend they kept for a long time. There are people who are blinded by love.
@vivekan (93)
• India
9 Nov 10
This situation ever happens.Neither my friend nor my lover let me to this situation. Both are loving me,they will understand me and lead my life.If this situation happens it is mostly probably of outside people.I dont care about others,I will never leave both. If i must leave one of them,I will leave my friend.It is because of two reasons. 1.Because love is the one thing which we already chose the life partner,if we change it that is not love and also she trusted me ,she have hope on me.so i wont let her down at any cost. 2.And most reason is,even though i left my friend,he will never let me down what ever happens.He will always give his hand whenever i needed.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
30 Oct 10
I would defintitely lean on the friendship. Lovers come and go. Nothing is written in stone when it comes to relationships. a friendship can endure forever.