Is this a real conundrum or am I making it a bit too complicated?

South Africa
October 30, 2010 2:29am CST
Something that has been a constant source of concern for me in my walk with God are my motives. Especially when doing something for someone. The Bible says that the one hand should not know what the other is doing when doing good. In other words, it should be a secret. No telling and bragging because then your motives are not right... O.k I have that rule down packed. I never tel anyone about alms that I've given or good deeds I have done. And it feels great. And that is where the conundrum comes in for me. Am I doing good in order to feel good or am I doing good in order to DO good? Motive is the key. And I think that we all should be aware of our motives in all the things we do. I think that actually being aware of our motives is better than not because then we will automatically make adjustments if we feel that our motivers are not pure. What do you think?
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